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The Dà Má Collective 大 麻 is a growing band of merry hempsters (industry pioneers, hemprepreneurs, educators, writers, doctors, nurses, caregivers & healthcare professionals, advocates & activists, alchemists & herbalists, historians, growers & breeders, strainhunters, science medical & cultural advisors, dispensary & smokeshop owners & staff, product & equipment manufacturers, master chefs designers & artists, freethinkers innovators & dreamers, medical cannabis patients, like-minded organizations, and other experts enthusiasts & lovers of the amazing herb)
who collaborate and co-create projects that realize, maximize, and scale the personal- and planet-healing virtues, values & benefits of the amazing ancient holy herb aka Cannabis/Hemp (in Chinese, Dà Má 大 麻 translates to "The Great/ Eminent/ Ancient Cannabis/Hemp").





Infinite love & gratitude,

The Dà Má Collective 大 麻

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