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Manuscript Submissions & Guidelines

Guidelines For Submitting Manuscripts To Dà Má Press:



We welcome manuscript submissions and project ideas/inquiries from like-minded authors looking for a friendly place to have your cannabis/hemp-related books, papers & products published - We are looking to expand our catalog and further our mission of sowing seeds of cannabis knowledge far-and-wide by including more writers who have felt excluded from traditional publishing. We are opening our submission process with a call to authors with new and distinct voices to submit non-fiction and/or art-related manuscripts (we may consider fiction/literary manuscripts if they are new, distinct and unique) that fit into our areas of interest:


Our Publishing Topics:


  • Cannabis/hemp history and human culture (focus on traditional spiritual/religious, cultural and inspirational uses)
  • Ecology and sustainability (sustainable agriculture, biodynamic hemp farming etc.)
  • Breeding & genetics
  • Science & research (new cannabinoids, the latest therapeutic and/or industrial applications/discoveries etc.)
  • The (re-)normalization of cannabis in modern society and best practices for safe, respectful responsible use
  • The interplay and cross-pollination between cannabis, culture and the arts
  • Travelers’ Tales/Biography: Inspirational stories by hemp trailblazers, cannabis industry pioneers, and other canna-characters


Manuscript Submission Guidelines/Requirements:


Please send a query email that includes:

  • Overview.  A full description of the book and why it’s compelling and interesting to all readers. Please keep to a single page.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Total word count.
  • Chapter Outline.  A one or two sentence summary of each chapter.
  • Sample Chapter.  We need to see a sample of your writing and how the book is organized.
  • About Me.  A short biography about you and why you’re the right person to write the book.
  • Images. Let us know if your proposed book intends to have images and how many. Send an example of one or two images.


If we find your proposal intriguing, we will get back to you. We cannot guarantee a response to every submission.


We prefer to work directly with authors.

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