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Sponsors, supporters, contributors, & friends of The Dà Má Collective's educational work and The Newbies' Guide To Medicinal Cannabis:

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Links to ardentcannabis.com

Ardent Cannabis, makers of the NOVA Precision Decarboxylator machine. We love how the NOVA takes the guesswork (and the aroma!) out of decarbing at home. We're a fan of Ardent/NOVA's ability to deliver reliable (and extremely efficient) results which greatly helps with accurate dosing (of medibles etc.) while also saving you money on your flower bills! :-)

Cannabiscope aka The Weed Wheel

Cannabiscope is an interactive application which helps you visualize and explore the relationship between cannabis strains, effects, and flavours/aromas (which depend on the amounts & ratios of various cannabinoids, terpenes, and other bio-active compounds that tend to be present in a particular strain).

Logo for The Cannabis Man

The Cannabis Man! ~ Representing everything good about cannabis! Activism & advocacy, raising awareness of cannabis's benefits especially for sick kids (& adults) and veterans...