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About Dà Má Press

About Dà Má Press



Dà Má Press (大麻出書) is a publishing house, fine-art press and research-&-education company that publishes books, research and other educational material about cannabis / hemp by The Dà Má Collective (the pen name for the industry-wide group of experts, authors & researchers co-authoring & contributing to our work*) along with upcoming titles on cannabis / hemp topics by other authors. (If you are an author looking for a friendly place to have your cannabis/hemp-related work published please see our Submission Guidelines.)

We also create/sell fine art and original collectible hempy products that disseminate information, raise awareness, and promote healthy respectful positive attitudes and appreciation towards cannabis/hemp: hemp-fabric facemasks, hemp art prints, bookmarks, greeting cards, coloring books & more! Check out our online store to see our latest gear!


Dà Má Press was founded in 2015 (see Our Story for more on our hempen history) as the publisher for The Dà Má Collective's first book The Newbie's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis, we have since begun work on new Dà Má Collective-authored titles, books on cannabis/hemp by other like-minded authors, hemp products, and other cannabis/hemp research, education & outreach.



Our Mission...

...is to plant seeds of cannabis knowledge far & wide, serving as an independent trusted & respected source of cannabis / hemp education, facts & scientific research. Includes advocacy & awareness-raising work such as researching, authoring & publishing cannabis books and education materials (fact sheets, research papers etc.) and hemp-awareness-raising products (including ancient cannabis images and artwork from a multitude of cultures & traditions) for the general public and policymakers. Public speaking/presentations, consulting, workshops & custom training. We also testify on behalf of the amazing herb to lawmakers & public officials wherever there's a need (locally, regionally and internationally). Your support helps fuel our mission to spread seeds of cannabis knowledge far & wide...


Our Vision...

...is that as the future unfolds, we’ve all co-created a harmonious thriving compassionate world where the stigma towards cannabis hemp has been fully dissolved & washed away, society-wide, and replaced with understanding, appreciation & respect for the healing virtues and benefits of the cannabis plant and all it touches. Our vision and desire is that the cannabis plant has been fully restored (with payback) to its traditional and time-honored role of being a legal, respected, natural, and normal part of everyday human life. And with the virtues & healing benefits of cannabis we’ve already discovered over the past 12,000+ years, well, may that be just the sweet beginning of a long, happy & healthy symbiotic relationship... ☺


We aim to dissolve the stigma and rectify, restore and re-normalize healthy positive attitudes & perceptions towards the cannabis plant: as a benevolent life-saving medicine, and a time-&-tradition-honored means of enhancing relaxation, good humour, inspiration, and communion with one’s faith. We trust that as knowledge grows (individually & collectively) about the virtues, therapeutic benefits, history, and the biological hard-wiring of cannabis into the human metabolic system, attitudes will be transformed and shifted towards greater appreciation, respect, and gratitude for this ancient healing herb that has, since before the beginning of human history, been an integral thread in the fabric of human culture & the healing professions...





* In keeping with our Collective roots ("collective" = "a shared/joint effort") The Dà Má Collective likes to collaborate and co-author with a broad spectrum of perspectives & contributors from across the cannabis/hemp industry.  "The Dà Má Collective" is the pen name for the merry band of instructional writers, industry pioneers, hemprepreneurs, doctors, nurses, caregivers & healthcare professionals, advocates, alchemists, herbalists, historians, growers farmers & breeders, strainhunters & genetics gurus, medical & cultural advisors, dispensary & smokeshop owners & staff, product & equipment manufacturers, master chefs, designers, artists, medical patients, and other hempsters that co-create and co-author The Dà Má Collective-authored titles including our latest book The Newbie's Guide to Medicinal Cannabis. “Dà Má” in Chinese (大 麻) translates to “The Great/Eminent Cannabis,” and is the general term used to refer to the cannabis plant in its medicinal (rather than fiber) uses.