Chillum Mantras

Chillum Mantras



Ma Gu Xian Shou! 麻姑獻壽

Ma Gu Xian Shou = 麻姑獻壽 = Ma Gu Offers Longevity: A mantra and statement of faith for Her Holiness Princess Ma Gu the ancient Goddess of Cannabis. Ma Gu has been described in Chinese mythology and legend since at least 200 BC (~2200 years ago): Ma Gu is known for presenting the Elixir Of Immortality, aka cannabis flowers brewed in wine, to the Queen Mother of the West at her Immortal Peach Banquet...



Bhangi Bhangi Bhangi!

"To the Hindu the hemp plant is holy... So holy a plant should have special rearing. Shiva explains to Parvati how, in sowing hemp seed, you should keep repeating the spell 'Bhangi, Bhangi, Bhangi'... When the seedlings are planted the same holy name must be repeated and also at the watering...

When the flowers appear the flowers and leaves should be stripped from the plant. With one hundred repetitions of the holy name Bhangi, the leaves and flowers should be washed in a river and dried.

When they are dry some of the leaves should be burnt with the repeating of the holy name..."

- from On The Religion of Hemp, JM Campbell, Appendix to the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report of 1893-94



Boom Shiva!









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