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  • The Newbie's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis by The Dà Má Collective (in-press 2021)

  • A Bible Full Of Cannabis (the revised-and-expanded KNH-BOSM Illuminated-Codex Coffee-Table Edition by Deaconess Anne Armstrong, Canon Alan Gordon of The Healing Church INRI with The Dà Má Collective) (in-press 2021)

  • The Bubba Kush Story by Matt Bubba Berger with The Dà Má Collective (in-press 2021)

  • Cannabis Hemp vs. Genetic Engineering/GMOs policy paper by The Dà Má Collective  (in-press 2020, preamble/preview available here)

  • The Real MTF(er) by MTF Jeff Wells (on the drawing board/manuscript-in-process...)



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