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About Our Book

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Solid educational approach:

  • Written by experts in adult education (pharmaceutical & medical-consumer training)

  • All instructions have been tested (via formal end-user testing process) & given thumbs-up by real cannabis newbies!

  • Award (& NEA grant)-winning artists & information designers

  • Reviewed & edited by leaders across cannabis industry (dispensary & smokeshop owners & staff, doctors nurses & caregivers, product & equipment manufacturers, growers & breeders, researchers, historians & cultural advisors, & other bright minds in the cannabis community)

The Newbies' Guide To Medicinal Cannabis

is the comprehensive “How to safely & enjoyably consume your herbal medicine” instructional handbook, herbal safety manual & reference guide for modern-day medicinal & therapeutic cannabis consumers, caregivers, dispensary & smokeshop staff, and anyone who loves the amazing healing herb! Our book provides all the procedural, technical, and supporting conceptual info needed to become a knowledgeable, safe and confident cannabis consumer. 


The Newbies' Guide To Medicinal Cannabis gives illustrated step-by-step guidance for how to safely & enjoyably consume cannabis via the increasing range of delivery methods, product forms, and equipment/ technology available in dispensaries and smokeshops. Including illustrated hands-on instructions, tips tricks & hacks, and all the helpful background information needed to have an informed eye when visiting the dispensary or smokeshop. 


Along with step-by-step guidance on product forms, delivery methods and safety tips for creating the most enjoyable & effective experience possible. Includes recipes and a My Herbal Journal designed by a nurse/caregiver. Our book also has advanced “connoisseur-level” technical, historical & cultural information that will surprise & delight even lifelong tokers who think they already know it all.  Along with the growing number of people with no (or minimal) prior cannabis experience but (thanks to friends & family & what they’ve seen in the news) now have a need/interest in learning more about the amazing herb.


Also a great go-to training resource/technical reference for dispensaries, smokeshops, clinics and caregivers.


8x10”, approx. 150 pages with plenty of My Herbal Journal pages.  Full-color with durable hemp-cardstock cover and smyth-sewn (sturdy lay-flat binding, so it's easy to take notes while medicating or whipping up one of our yummy herbal recipes :-) on New Leaf archival-quality sustainable paper. 1st printing 10,000+ copies (available Harvest 2021), future editions in additional languages.


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Newbie's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis sample page with text & drawings: how to use a bong
Newbie's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis sample page with text & drawings: how to use a bong
Newbie's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis sample page with text & drawings: how to use a bong