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The Bubba Kush Story by Matt Bubba Berger with The Dà Má Collective

The Bubba Kush Story is a biogeographical, cultural and musical history of (as ranked by High Times) the #1 Cannabis Strain/variety of All Time (Bubba Kush and its sibling OG Kush).

We explore the mysterious origins of the Kush - from its pre-history in Asia to the legendary Florida underground grows of the Kush Godfathers which gave birth to the Kush - and then follow the Kush’s migration west to the beaches of California whence began its meteoric growth & cross-pollination into popular and musical culture.

Our musical tour traces the interplay and mutually-reinforcing influences between cannabis & music culture that’s helped the Kush inspire creativity and praise by the likes of Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and other artists whose creative fire ls lit by the Kush…  (in-press 2021)